Calling Creative Entrepreneurs, Visionaries, Artists, and Coaches!

Forget about the boring way to build your biz online. Step into more fun and be awesome!

Take your creative business into the world in a way that helps you stay on purpose, makes you feel good, and brings in more customers and clients.

As a creative entrepreneur, I know it's important for you to live in your creative
world and not get bogged down in the details of being on the computer too much. Yet, you realize you just don't know enough to really build a loyal following.

That's where AWESOME BLOGGING will help you!

I'm Lisa Hines, and I'm both a Creative Entrepreneur and a Practical Techno Wizardress.  I understand you and I will help you bring all the pieces together.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You want to blog, but don't have a crystal clear strategy for your business.
  • You struggle with finding the time and being consistent.
  • You want more confidence, courage, and the right words to attract your following.
  • You want your content to be engaging, and interesting.
  • Social Media is confusing and you want guidance on where to start.
  • You want technology to help you and not be so daunting.

Let's Have Some Fun!

When you join the AWESOME BLOGGING course, you'll not only have FUN, but you'll also learn  tips and tricks to grow your list with a rockin' blog combined with a stellar social media presence.

You'll bypass all the tedious business strategies that keep you too busy and distracted from your creative self.

Instead, you'll learn shortcuts and ways to engage with your tribe that are enjoyable and provide a certain spark to your creative business.

Just some of the benefits you'll see:

  • Build a tribe of followers.
  • Stand out above the rest.
  • Engage in a community of free-spirited entrepreneurs like you.
  • Maximize and streamline your social media marketing.
  • Be more creative, and less stressed.
  • Authentically and uniquely market yourself with your blog.

Who Is This For?

This is for you if you’re tired of the “old way” of marketing. In fact, as a Creative Entrepreneur the sound of the words “marketing,” “strategy,” and “sales” makes you cringe.  Although these words may get used throughout the course, you will learn how to approach everything you do in a framework that embraces the wholeness of who you are.

This is for you if you’re in business as a Coach, Artist, Healer, or Creative Entrepreneur.

Part of your journey is to be true to yourself, and always lead with your greatest desires.

You’re looking to grow a tribe that is responsive and loyal to you over the long run.

You enjoy writing, teaching, sharing, and connecting.


What To Expect

Each week, you’ll be joining the cohort on a live call with me. Sometimes we will just be on the phone and other times we will utilize the computer for sharing and teaching. It doesn’t matter where you live or what time zone you are in because this is a virtual course. Although the calls and materials will all be available to you online at anytime for your convenience, I will request that you only miss 2 classes.  Your presence will lend to the experience of the course and the outcomes and benefits you will achieve.

Each call will focus on the objective for the week. During the call I will be providing you with training, review, and be available to answer your questions.

The cohort will be a community of members that lift each other up and provide a supportive environment. There will be a level  of respect and confidentiality.

Since this is a “working” course, you should plan on committing approximately 4 to 5 hours per week to implement the course training and activities.

You will be interacting with the group on a regular basis in a private setting, providing support and feedback upon request.

There will be 3 Mastermind calls exclusively for you to grow your business.

What You Get


    Each week we will get on the phone and go over specific training in a live setting where I will be able to answer your questions.


    I’ve spent the last two years developing these documents to help make your life easier so you can take a shortcut in the process.


    You’ll gain private access to the AWESOME BLOGGING membership page filled with course materials, replays, and additional training resources.


    Throughout the course, you will get scheduled “workdays” where you will make progress within the course. We will jump on the phone in the morning, and together as a group, you will focus and support each other in your business for the day.


    Mastermind group sessions are invaluable, giving you a confidential space to brainstorm your ideas and get feedback from me and your peers. We will have 2 scheduled days throughout the course for these powerful sessions.


    You’ll receive a brief video overview showing you step-by-step how to get up and running with your WordPress website and theme in no time at all. It truly isn’t difficult when you know all the pieces to put into place.  This will have you up and running in such a short period of time, you’ll wonder why you were procrastinating.


    Get access to my video training showing you how to comfortably use WordPress Dashboard so you can update your own blog without stress. This in-depth training reviews how to post a blog, format it, add a graphic, and goes into extra details about essential plugins, and how to backup your blog.


    Get access to my video training showing you how to create your designs easily with Canva. Even if you know Photoshop, you’ll love the ease of quickly being able to manage your own graphics, or pass it off to an assistant and trust it will all be exactly how you want.


    You’ll receive a downloadable audio guided visualization to help your creative muse continue to play and help guide you forward so you don’t lose sight of the incredible creator you are. This audio features Barbara Hall from Art, Spirit, and Healing and will be sure to delight you.

Course Content


Make sure that you proceed forward with crystal clarity or 2015 and everything that comes your way can easily be decided upon.

  • Define and review your mission and purpose.
  • Know exactly what your ideal customers and clients want.
  • Develop or refresh your awesome offering.

This step is the fun, visionary process, and allows everything else in the course to unfold more easily.


This week you'll learn how to blog in a way that makes you feel good, and resonates with your tribe. We'll review some blog fundamentals and expand into the power of your life and story. You will uncover some of your greatest messages.  You'll create your blogging schedule and frequency. I'll teach you about the value of microblogging; another method of getting your message out there. You'll find more fun ways and platforms to post your valuable and meaningful content.



This week you'll take your crystal clear picture from week 1 and create an awesome list-building strategy, attracting your tribe like a magnet, with ease and effortlessly. You'll freshen up, or create, your free opt-in on your website. Additionally, you'll establish your branded social media presence on the platforms where you will be most influential and where your customers and clients are. We'll cover the latest in trends with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube.


You'll continue to refine and establish a social media approach for your business, including creating branded graphics and a schedule of posts that target your clients and customers.  I'll take you through setting up and enhancing your Facebook Page and Instagram Profiles. I'll teach you about the power of hashtags. Plus, how to increase your YouTube subscribers and views.



This week you'll develop your streamlined blog strategy and learn how to create an effective editorial calendar. You'll know exactly what to write and when. As a result, you'll know when you should be promoting and be able to say yes to others' invitations. Your customers and clients will love your content.


Once you have all the pieces in place, you'll be able to hire an assistant to help you with the details and technology, freeing up your time to do more of your genius work. I'll cover free and low-cost tools that I use to automate my business. You'll receive my 5 step template on how to delegate a project to an assistant so you don't end up with frustration, but with a celebration instead.


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